How to Choose Your Style of Pavers

Pavers can help you to create a patio when you can’t actually construct one. They can also be made into walkways and driveways. These pavers will become a part of the overall aesthetic of your home, so taking the time to choose the right kind is a must. Overall, the paver you decide on should be within your budget, look pleasing and function properly according to what purpose you’d like your pavers to fulfill. Below we’ll outline some tips that will help you choose the right paver for your property.

Choose Your Paver Material

First off you should do some research on the prices of pavers and the labor associated with installing pavers in Los Angeles. A paver company like LA Paver and Remodeling Group specializes in the installation of beautiful pavers for any property. Still, you should consider at least three different company prospects and compare pricing and estimated completion times. Sometimes the best way to get in touch with a quality paver company in LA is by way of referral. Ask some neighbors who they hired when they got their pavers put in. The contractors should always be licensed and liability insured.

Haggling on the price can help you save a few dollars, so don’t be shy. The prices of these kinds of projects are rarely fixed. The company you choose could have special rates depending on the season so it wouldn’t hurt to ask. The overall price tag will largely depend on where you live and the size of the project you’re hiring for. Concrete and brick are relatively cheap at an average of $8 to $16 per square foot. However, there are dozens of different paver materials and depending on the one you choose the price can get much higher.

Pavers Should Work With Your Climate

The pavers you decide on should mesh well with the climate in which you live. For instance, brick pavers can break down quicker if subject to very wet climates, or places of considerable heat and wind. Brick pavers are best suited to a moderate climate, while concrete and stone pavers stand up better to harsher conditions. You can still have more delicate pavers in harsher climates. You’ll just need to account for replacing them often. Depending on the damage and the initial material, the cost of this can vary from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Accommodating Delicate Pavers

For areas that will be exposed to a lot you may want to consider a sturdier paver. Delicate materials like limestone won’t hold up well to harsh sun or a rough climate. It’s just a smarter investment if you choose pavers that can stand up to the climate you live in. On the other hand, covered spots can stand to house a more delicate paver material. This is suited for areas that have a cover and will only support light furniture. The roofs are where things could get complicated with this choice. A traditional patio roof can cost up to $10000, while a retractable awning is less expensive as an alternative, around $2500. These are additional considerations to take when you choose a more delicate paver for your space.

Matching Materials Look Best

Before your choice of paver is set in stone, consider the surrounding materials. Does your choice of paver clash with what you already have? Think about this also when choosing surrounding materials after paver installation in Los Angeles. You probably intend for all of your outdoor design elements to work together seamlessly. This includes outdoor furniture as well. You’ll want your pavers to match the look you’re going for. Do you want more of an industrial look or is coziness the goal? Some homeowners are more colorful and playful with these decisions, while others stick with the classics. It just depends on what style you want to achieve!

The Right Shape of Paver

The size of the space you’re working with will determine which shape of paver is best suitable. In general, wider pavers suit wide yards while more narrow pavers suit narrower yards. An imbalance in this sense can lead to a look that isn’t pleasing, or at least confusing. Making small shapes and patterns over a large space is very costly and time-consuming. On the other hand, small pavers in a small space just make everything feel… smaller.

We hope that this article helped you along with your decision of which paver to choose for your next project. Our team at LA Paver and Remodeling Group wants to make the paver installation process easier in LA!

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